We strive to light up your life, your work, your world along with having a sustainable planet

Our Brand Story

Idea To Execution, A Portable Power Station

Since 2003, Volts Energies has been proud to help thousands of people build their dream off-grid Vans and RVs to improve their homes and cabins to better solar-powered homes.
In our time, we have helped many people experience the joy of the outdoors by providing high-quality components required by all sorts of renewable energy systems. And we KNOW it is not easy at all!

As pioneers in this industry, we saw a shift towards sustainable traveling around the world. However, designing and building an electrical system is not the most straightforward task!
So we came up with the idea to bundle all the components you might ever need; in our new Solar Generator Kit.

Li-Cube is the ultimate portable power solution, easy to install, program, and ready to use from day one. We aim to serve every customer's specific needs. Therefore our proudly Canadian team thrives on building your unique mini Li-Cube for all purposes.

Mini Li-Cube, Portable Power Station installed in an RV under bed
Sébastien Caron, CEO and CO-Founder of Volts Energies and Li-Cube


We believe in light, power, and dream

Sebastien has lived and breathed the renewable technology world by owning and operating Volts Energies since 2003.
The combination of a love for adventure, respect for the Earth, and being compassionate for human life drives him to create the Mini Li-cube.

Sebastien has designed the Mini Li-Cube as a tribute to his environmental values. His great experience in solar energies and passion for creation led him to design a sustainable power solution box for a brighter, safe, and green future.

But his journey won't stop here...

What We Do

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Portable Power Station

100% Canadian 

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Mini Li-Cube is proudly designed, developed, and manufactured in Quebec, Canada by a great team of technicians and engineers.

This portable power station is assembled with all tier-one components of Canadian high standards.

A Green Canada,

A Green World


We believe that protecting our planet is deeply important to us and for our upcoming generation.
Our mission is to create a sustainable future for people everywhere. We strive to achieve it by creating life-changing eco-friendly innovations, building a creative and dynamic team, and making a positive environmental-friendly difference in the world.

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