Industrial & Commercial Solar Power Station

Made in Canada

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Industrial & Commercial
Solar Power Station

Made in Canada

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Explore Untouched Wilderness 

A portable solar generator kit and energy storage system 

Build Your Own

Only Made of High-Quality Components

The More Power,
The More Work
To Do

No more need to keep running your pick up truck while using this portable power station

Build Your Own

Escape the world, but keep it clean

With this sustainable nature solar power kit, travel with your Van or RV to extraordinary places and never run out of power.
Enjoy the beautiful wild environment with your equipped vehicle by using solar energy on your next camping trip. 

Ready To Work

A great portable power solution to run all your electrical tools and devices.

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Clean Energy 

An eco friendly, sustainable generator kit using free and clean energy. 
Being totally quiet and zero waste pollution


Power up all your 12V, 24V, and 120V devices by the electricity generated from particular lithium batteries 

Ready to Go

Designed with great dimension, included all exclusive components, can easily be placed in any place with limited space


Can be recharged with solar panel, wall outlet, or even plugin to car outlet

Modern Life In Nature

It is no longer a dream to live in the most remote and wild locations. Mini Li-Cube runs your home appliances while reducing the carbon footprint for our green planet. 

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