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Portable Solar Generator For Work

Portable Solar Generator
For Work

Whether you own a food truck or do roadsides maintenance, we know that having a portable power source for charging devices or powering equipment is necessary. With Mini Li-Cube you can supply power for corded tools anywhere you go without the hassle and cost of a gas-powered generator.
This portable power station equipped with maximum efficient lithium batteries can store energies up to 7 kwh to run heavy power tools and devices at job sites or be a backup power at worksites.

Mini Li-Cube portable power station at the back of a ford 150 raptor
Mini Li-Cube portable power station at the cab of a ford 150 raptor

Additionally, this portable solar generator can be charged from the sun using solar panels, a wall outlet when you have access, or with the car outlet while driving.
Needless to say, the power of the Mini Li-cube solar-powered generator is accessible at all times even when the engine is not running.
Based on how many Amp-hours you need to run your tools, Mini Li-Cube can provide the most reliable power for optimum work efficiency.

Inside of portable solar powered generator showing all components
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Mini Licube with 626 mm (24.65") (H) x 776 mm (30.55") (W) x 540 mm (21.26") (D) dimension and is a great solar generator kit to fit in any size pick-up truck.

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Easily operated

Simply turn on/off the complete system with a push of a button on the box. 

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Solar is the only sustainable, clean and free power source in the world. It is just a one-time investment. 


Mini Li-Cube is the ultimate power solution to make your job easy


Built with tier 1 components all manufactured in Canada

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