grant Program

We are excited to announce that Mini Li-Cube is part of the Écocamionnage program from the Green Fund. This program strives to reduce the environmental impact of road freight transportation by financing eligible technologies, such as the Mini Li-Cube Solar Power Solution.
Through this program, we support truck owners to upgrade their vehicles to a more energy-efficient model and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
We are qualified for this 50% GRANT when our solution is installed in your heavy vehicles.
If you own a light-duty truck, still a smaller grant is available.

For more information please contact us at 450-973-4770.

Find us under Volts Énergie Fabricant on page 8 in the PDF below:

Download PDF
Different heavy trucks

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Lower engine maintenance costs

Fuel Saving From 30% to 70%

Reduce Environmental impact

Free Solar Energies

Noise Free

Carbon foorprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Lower Engine Maintenance Costs


Fuel Saving From 30% To 70%

Reduce Environmental Impact

Free Solar Energies

Noise Free