Unlimited Potential 

Unlimited power

Lithium Battery Solutions Industrial Applications

Industrial Grade Battery 

  • Canadian Made External BMS 
  • Series and Parallel For Virtually Unlimited Power
  • Unique and Compact Design
  • High Energy Density and Lighter Weight

Tesla Lithium Batteries 

The Lithium Battery Solution Tesla Batteries are recovered in more than 92% state of health. They have been tested and guaranteed quality and safety. Afterwards, using the Canadian-made LBS external battery management system, the batteries are assembled in different battery banks producing virtually unlimited power for deployable power stations and industrial applications.


Project Flexibility

  • Integration Possibility to any Electrical System 
  • BMS Programming Based on Required Output and Input
  • Guaranteed Leak Free and Safe Batteries
  • Free Evaluation and Quoting 

Lithium Battery Solutions Expertise 

Off-Grid Sites

Portable Power Systems

Construction Sites

Monitoring Systems

Disaster Relief


Sebastien Caron

“New and second life
lithium batteries solutions”

Lithium Battery Solution has been the pioneer in providing power and energy solutions for industries and commercial applications all over Canada. We have used our LiFePO4 batteries to replace older battery technologies. To create this solution, we worked with our engineering team to design, program and assemble our own battery management system in Laval, QC. We have recycled over 500KWh of second life battery modules over the last year alone. Our new solution takes less space and is lighter than what is currently in the market, providing a more efficient and steady power output. We are aiming to reuse MegaWatts of batteries in a near future!!

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meet the founder

A Solution for Extensive Power Needs

LBS lithium batteries are a fantastic choice for industrial and commercial applications. With the higher Energy Density in LBS batteries, we can produce four times more power than any other sealed lead-acid batteries at a much longer lifespan.At LBS, we use our Canadian-designed external battery management system (BMS). This allows us to be the best replacement for all industrial and commercial applications providing an equally distributed charging and discharging between cells and batteries.