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For Security
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You have enough power

Protect With
Solar Power System

In rural and difficult-to-reach areas, it is especially crucial to keep any property safe and secure. Transporting fossil fuels to these areas with no grids can raise the price of supply, but it also causes significant environmental damage.
The Mini Li-cube power station provides uninterrupted and reliable power to remote sites using solar energy as an effective alternative to traditional diesel generators. This pre-configured portable power station is designed for the business owner who cannot afford for their equipment to go down.

Solar generator Mini Li-Cube
Inside the solar power station- Mini Li-Cube

Power Source For
Your Security Equipment

A solar-powered system allows businesses to install cameras and security systems in urban, rural, and remote locations where providing traditional grid power might be unapproachable or not feasible.
Mini Li-Cube portable Power Station allows your security system to run 24/7 regardless of your location. It offers superior power, experience, and quality and is ideal for critical applications such as surveillance, monitoring, and control system, construction site security, pre-construction site protection, and communications.

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Why Choose Mini Li-Cube?


Eliminate searching for diesel fuel and maintenance costs over time

Clean Energy

Produce electricity using solar panels as a sustainable, clean, and free form of energy. No toxic fume, gas, or noise while in use

Solar power station with measurement

Easily Operated

No need to set up, Anyone can simply turn on/off the complete system with a push of a button on the box. 

Remote Monitor

With BMV-712 Smart battery, easily monitor, analyze and optimize power usage.

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Mini Li-Cube is the ultimate power solution for protecting any property


Built with tier 1 components all manufactured in Canada