Industrial And Commercial Applications

WHY Mini Li-Cube

  • Ready To Go Electrical System
  • Fast and Easy Charging with Multiple Ports
  • Quiet and Environment Friendly 
  • Compact Design

High Quality of Build 

Each box in Designed and Assembled in Canada, Using only the highest quality components from top tier brands.
The compact design of Li-Cube power generator will allow you to fit this system in any type of motorized home or boats.
The Mini-LiCube have solar panel connection capabilities allowing a true off-grid experience after installation.


Volts Energies Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Commercial Vehicles

  • Free Evaluation of your project
  • Designing a Unique system for your needs
  • System schematics and Wiring Diagrams
  • Installation and Execution by skilled Technicians and Project Managers

Off-Grid Sites

With almost 20 years of experience, we utilize our expertise in providing the BEST solar power systems in Canada. Our dedicated experts will design the most efficient electrical system for any off grid site no matter how challenging or large the required system would be



Sebastien Caron

“You need energy
We have a solution that works!”

Volts energies has been the pioneer in providing power and energy solutions for industries, commercial sites and residential applications all over North America. With almost 20 years of experience and thousands of projects accomplished, our team of experts is ready to evaluate and provide a solution to industries needing extensive power through hybrid solar systems. Helping our customers in different fields to get electricity where it is not available by providing the latest technologies. We design the system from the beginning, engineer tailor made solutions, do energy audits before starting a project and assemble/program the systems with the highest security standards. We support our customers from the first call up to the after sale technical service and we monitor our clients' systems to ensure that you have no downtime. Our clients save money on their fuel consumption and generator maintenances. They generally reduce their carbon footprint by 50% to 90%

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A Brighter Future

Our loyal customers have benefited from our philosophy of reducing our carbon footprint and looking at Solar Power systems as an investment. You can join us in the community of Solar power users in Off-grid or Grid-tied systems and take a positive step toward creating a brighter future for next generations.