Solar Powered Solution
To Rescue 

You have enough power

Solution For Emergencies

Electricity is usually the first vitally important utility service to be lost whenever a disaster occurs. The effects can be disastrous. In these difficult and exhausting moments, electric power is crucial for all the fastest disaster response systems to operate. When the grid goes down, only a solar generator can come in handy.

Li-Cube is the immediate solution to provide electricity not only for people to run their home appliances and charge electronics but also for the emergency response teams to deal with the crisis. Medical equipment, communication system, food storage, pumps, mobile commands posts, etc. all need power in emergencies.
The Mini Li-Cube portable power system can be installed in trucks, trailers, skids, or in a facility to supply a substantial amount of electricity for any type of equipment or device. Electricity produced by this solar generator can be used directly, or it can be stored up to 7 kwh in batteries for later use.

Why Use Solar Powered Generator
In Emergency Situations?

Fume Free

No toxic fume, gas, or noise while in use.  Totally safe for indoor use during an emergency.

Clean Energy

Produce electricity using solar panels as a sustainable, clean, and free form of energy.


Mini Licube with 626 mm (H) x 776 mm(W) x 540 mm (D) dimension can be transferred with any vehicle to an affected area. 

Easily Operated

No need to set up, Anyone can simply turn on/off the complete system with a push of a button on the box. 


Eliminate searching for diesel fuel and  maintenance costs over time

Remote Monitor

With BMV-712 Smart battery, easily monitor, analyze and optimize power usage.

3 Ways to Charge Power Station

You can charge your Mini Li-Cube in many different ways with just the right adapter(s). Here are three different ways to do so:
1- Solar Charging: Use solar panels in the needed location
2- Car Charging: Use a vehicle alternator on the road
3- AC Charging: Use the Wall outlet before shipped to the affected area

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Why Use Solar Powered Generator
In Emergency Situations?

Fume Free

Safe For
Indoor Use


Easily Operated

Clean & Reusable

Cost Effective


Our Features

Creative Filters

3.0 (7.5 cm) type

3.0 (7.5 cm) type

24.1 megapixel

APS-C sensor


Simple shoot

Intelligent Auto

Simple shoot

Intelligent Auto

9 point autofocus

Backup Power

With many events happening these days, It's crucial to make sure that your family's basic needs are met in the event of a catastrophic situation, but a portable solar generator is the most effective solution you can have.
Mini Li-Cube Solar generator, can supply enough power for you to survive during a natural disaster or even go on the road if needed and still have enough power to charge your electronic devices.
This portable power station allows you to power all your 12V, 24V, and 120V appliances in a power outage incident. It works by capturing and storing solar energy and can be used to charge cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices.

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