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Solar Power Solution

Mini Li-Cube is a high-standard solar-powered generator kit for any type of watercraft you have. It will make your boat-life experience much more enjoyable when you still could use your favorite electrical equipment. In other words, turning on the air conditioner after a hot sunbath or lightening your deck with a fancy bulb, or running your watermaker large enough for both showering and drinking fresh water will not be a dream anymore with this off-grid solar kit.

Keep Your Boat Powered

No matter how long you’ve been boating, we all agree you need a great solar power station to have enough electricity. Having an off-grid boat is a must to explore the ocean and enjoy the stunning blue color.
With the Mini Li-Cube, crossing oceans to beautiful, outlandish, and glamorous locations is no longer feels like a pipe dream. Get a cold beverage from your mini-fridge and enjoy the exclusive sound of waves without needing a noisy gas-powered generator.

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Make Memory

Needless to say, Mini Li-cube is the incomparable solar generator kit that always has your back. Remember, you can either charge your portable power station at home using standard wall outlets before leaving or with solar panels on the boat. Enjoy lasting memories with your family and friends with this ultimate solar power solution.

All-In-One, Off-Grid kit

We know the space is matter in your boat, so this off-grid kit, with 626 mm (H) x 776 mm (W) x 540 mm (D) dimension is a good fit for any size of watercraft. With this ready-to-install kit, all the necessary components are bundled for your convenience. The lithium battery made by a tier-one manufacturer could store energy up to 7KWh. You can have complete control over your system to adjust the setting or maximize its performance.

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Inside of Mini Licube solar power station with all components
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Mini Licube with 626 mm (24.65") (H) x 776 mm (30.55") (W) x 540 mm (21.26") (D) dimension is a great solar generator kit to fit in any size water craft.

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Easily operated

Simply turn on/off the complete system with the push of a button. 

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Solar energy is the only sustainable, clean and free power source in the world. It is just a one-time investment. 


Mini Li-Cube is the ultimate energy solution to make your boat like home


Built with tier 1 components all manufactured in Canada

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