New Portable Power Station

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Store Up to 7 KWh

Multiple Chargers

Easy To Use


Introducing The Power Solution

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Outside The Box

Mini Li-Cube Solar Power Station installed in a Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab in work site

Go Anywhere

This portable energy storage system is an ultimate solution to all power needs, from charging cell phones, laptops to any appliances like electrical grills, coolers, microwaves, etc.
It provides you safe, zero-emission, and clean power compare to a gas generator for RV, Van, pickup trucks, off-grid events, trailers, home backup, or construction sites.

Stay Connected

Powered by lithium batteries heated modules made by a tier-one manufacturer, this portable generator can store energy up to 7kWh to run multiple devices and appliances simultaneously during adventures, camping trips, power outages, or emergency backup.

Mini Li-Cube installed in a van under bed
Mini Li-Cube Solar Power Station installed in a Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab in city

Easy Charging

Charge mini Li-Cube with free solar energy using solar panels or with standard wall outlets before leaving home or via your car outlet while you are on the road. The MPPT solar charger makes sure to get the most efficient energies out of the modules as possible.

Having It Under Control

Easily control and monitor your power usage to the maximum optimization using the BMV-712 Smart battery monitor. With this built-in Bluetooth, system installation and performance will be improved.

Mini Li-Cube installed in a van under bed
Mini Li-Cube Solar Power Station installed in a Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab in city

Optimum Usage With BMS

Mini Li-Cube comes with our programmed Battery Management Systems (BMS) to provide smoother operation of battery modules in their safe operation range. Besides calculating and reporting the data, it also optimizes battery performance to prevent undercharging and overcharging. In the same way, our BMS contributes to maximize the capacity of Lithium battery modules.

Features And Benefits

3000 W

Power Range

Up to 1200 W

Solar Panel Input

Up to 7 kWh

Battery Reserve

2000 W


Push of a Button

Plug & Play

12V, 24V, and 120V


Made in Canada

100% Canadian Designed

Portable Mini Li-Cube is proudly designed, developed, and engineered in Quebec, Canada by a great team of technicians and engineers. This solar power station is assembled with all tier-one components of Canadian high standards.

WeightDepends on battery options, see power storage sector
Dimensions mm [inch]626 x 776 x 540    [24.65 x 30.55 x 21.25]
Outer casePower Coated Aluminum

Mini Power Generator

Store up to 7 KWH

Multiple Chargers

Ease of Use


Experience Quality, comfort and safety

Dimension of Mini Li-Cube



This solar power generator is equipped with exclusive lithium batteries that could be charged with solar panels, car alternators, or standard wall outlets.


Space Saving

Thanks to its great dimension, 626 mm (24.65") (H) x 776 mm (30.55") (W) x 540 mm (21.26") (D), it is fittable in any size of vehicle. 


Multiple Port options

The power source comes with different ports that allow you to power all your 12V, 24V, and 120V devices. Just plug in your loads and turn on the box.

Inside of Mini Li-Cube Power Station showing all components used in the station
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Prismatic Cells

Our prismatic cells in our batteries offer more safety measures than pouch cells.

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AC+DC Protection 

To protect your box and all your equipment from any electrical damage, we have AC+DC protection on all components.

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We only use components from Tier-1 manufacturers. The quality and safety of your box is our priority.

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Aerosol Fire Suppression

Stat-X® fire suppression is an advanced aerosol technology that protects your box from special hazards.

Inside The Box

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